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Meet everbeat healthy watch

Meet everbeat

Meet everbeat

The everbeat device is a comfortable, multifunction watch that performs the usual traditional fitness band functions, notifies you of incoming calls and messages, and allows you to perform heart rate and ECG checks. (Not cleared by the FDA)

(Not cleared by the FDA)

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Mobile App

Mobile App

Not cleared by the FDA, the everbeat application is not yet for sale. One available, everbeat will be your command center for managing your heart health. Working with the everbeat application and your doctor, you will set it up to monitor key aspects of your heart health to help you follow your care plan.



The everbeat platform’s simple-to-use ECG will provide guidance for you to contact your doctor if it senses a potential problem. Of course, you should always seek help if you feel symptoms even if everbeat does not recommend it.

(everbeat has not yet been cleared by the FDA)

let’s take control of our heart health – together.

heart disease is the world’s leading cause of death

our mission is to help prevent avoidable heart disease deaths

everbeat healthy watch

Better manage your heart health

The everbeat platform is a sustainable lifestyle mobile technology solution that gives patients control of their daily cardiac health care. The everbeat platform can help you keep on track with monitoring your vital signs, taking your medication, and recording your meals. By sharing this data with your caregivers and doctors, you can receive positive feedback and help take better care of yourself. (Note that the FDA has not yet cleared everbeat.)

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